Stitching Shelf Stitchery

Stitching Shelf Stitchery  

Sewing Shelf Stitchery by Polstitches 

Stitcheries are great for winter evenings when you just want to pick up and put down. Have fun choosing your own colours and thread types and make this design your own!

This one I printed with a linen imitation background by Polstitches. Design measures 10.25w x 14.5h inches high

Stitch this beautiful pattern on a supplied pre-printed fabric using backstitch, running stitch and french knots. 

*I have added a separate picture with three colourways as thread suggestions and you can order the appropriate DMC if you wish
Top Pink DMC 718 & 915
Middle Purple DMC 3834 & 3835
Bottom Red DMC 816 &814